About this course:

Holistic Yoga Level 2 with Sri Swami Purohit is a monthly course apt for anyone who wishes to take part. No previous experience, or knowledge of yoga, is required. Here are a few things you might like to know before choosing this course...

  • The course format is pre-recorded video so that you can watch as and when you wish. Once purchased, you will have lifetime access.

  • Each month's course contains approximately 8 hours of video content, divided into several videos so that you can watch more comfortably.

  • Each month's course is part seminar and part physical exercises: yoga, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation. Sri Swami Purohit guides you through all the exercises, step by step.

  • For maximum benefit, we recommend you do that physical practice at home each day. Each month's course includes a downloadable PDF file that contains detailed instructions for all the exercises.

  • Although this is a monthly course, each monthly edition can be purchased individually. There is no requirement for you to purchase the whole course in advance. You can purchase whichever months you wish. We do, however, recommend that you follow the date order.

  • Enjoy the course and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions! Thank you!

Sri Swami Purohit

Course Instructor

Yoga and meditation expert

Sri Swami Purohit

A yoga and meditation expert with 40 years’ experience as an international teacher and trainer, Sri Swami Purohit has an unparalleled understanding of the mind, body and soul connections. He is a leading authority in the field of holistic health, encompassing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. His powerful wisdom will guide you towards complete freedom from financial, emotional, health and relationship worries. By practising continuously for many years, Sri Swami Purohit mastered all areas of the ancient Vedic traditions, including Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Ayurveda (natural medicine and physical health) and Vedic astrology. Sri Swami Purohit now offers his teachings in an online format as well as at his live events, which are held internationally.

Holistic Yoga online

Aims of this course

Life can sometimes be exciting, or difficult, or sometimes comfortable but uninspiring. One thing is certain though, life is a huge challenge but it is worth understanding it better so that we can improve it. Many of us feel that, whatever our current reality, we can still advance and enrich all aspects of our lives. This can be difficult if we have trouble identifying which is the most appropriate path for our individual needs and desires. This is why a teacher or spiritual guide, and the correct tools, are needed. Holistic Yoga online with Sri Swami Purohit is an exceptional course, in which you can experiment the extraordinary power of yoga in your life. His proven methodology is based on a combination of ancient teachings and wisdom with simple, but very powerful, physical yoga exercises, and meditation. This training will be a very gratifying experience and will give you the tools to transform your life in a positive and permanent way.

Who can do this course?

Holistic Yoga online is designed for anyone wishing to begin their own journey of growth and personal development. The course is designed so that any one can benefit from it, regardless of age, physical fitness or experience. The aim of Sri Swami Purohit’s teachings is that of spreading physical and mental wellbeing and wisdom to all participants. The only requirement is that of having an open mind and a deep desire to develop one’s maximum potential.

Unique methodology

The inner self must be awakened in order to begin the true path of development. The aim of this course is to obtain a permanent connection with the inner self, which has the power to heal the mind, body and heart, as well as create harmony within us and with those around us. It helps us flow ith life and accept it as it is. Everything we need is inside us; peace, love, joy and wisdom. However, none of this can be attained without first connecting to your heart.

Course curriculum